Ep. 2

Advance Your Perspective

“The future influences the present just as much as the past.” Friedrich Nietzsche

This episode is all about learning, innovation, and perspective and Rex has been learning a wide range of topics, innovating across industries, and benefits from a unique access to perspective spanning across three centuries.


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Rex C. Anderson is a retired attorney, known for helping coaches and entrepreneurs build automated systems to attract and connect with their clients, centered around using Kajabi & Zoom.    He is famous for making computer technology easy to understand and use, while avoiding the frustration and overwhelm that comes from learning new systems.


In this Take Command Conversation, Rex talks about:

  • How to gain perspective around COVID-19 (40:57)
  • The power of working with someone to truly listen to you (9:55)
  • How to use language as a tool to pull you forward in life (7:00)

And I asked him:

  • How to stay in a state of life long learning? (12:20)
  • What does it feel like in your body when you know it’s time to do something different in your life? (37:30)
  • What the biggest lessons his parents taught him? (they were born two centuries ago!) (25:00)

And you’ll find out about the surprising time when Rex was a kid and lit water on fire.