Ep. 3

Create the Courage for Change

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” –Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi


And this episode is all about learning about how to create change through innovation and Shay Alsahhar has a track record of innovating and helping to change organizations, systems, teams, and schools since she was a teenager!


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A reader, entrepreneur, athlete, artist, motivational speaker, Certified High Performance Coach and an IT Executive, Shay doesn’t waste anytime. She believes in doing the best with what you have and always reaching for the next best version of yourself. Shay is a strong proponent of education and holds multiple degrees, the last of which she obtained her Executive MBA. She takes great pride in consciously practicing a growth mindset every day with an open heart to giving back through the Living Ahead podcast (of which she is co-host/founder). Her message focuses on making the world a better place by spreading kindness.

In this Take Command Conversation, Shay and I talk about:

  • When she challenged a teacher who was acting outside of school policy (9:49)
  • Her drive to innovate at Dell (23:19)
  • How she leverages past lessons learned for the future (26:29)

And I asked her:

  • About the tradition of choosing to wear a scarf in the religion of Islam (12:26)
  • How she grew her team into a new section of her company (22:24)
  • What compels her to make a choice to change (16:19)

And you’ll learn the surprising first conversation between Shay and me.