Ep. 4

Emotion is Information

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”. —Helen Keller

This episode is all about the information you can get from emotion.

Jake’s worked through his own emotional journey and is finishing up his Master’s degree to help other people with their emotional expression.

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He is also a Major in the USMC-Reserves. He has two combat deployments in Afghanistan and is currently designated as a civil affairs officer, acting as interface between military forces and civilian leaders. While in the Philippines, he took stewardship of a young woman who was being groomed for human trafficking. He and Sweet Baby J are mentoring said girl and paying her way through a civil engineering degree.

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Jake’s major focus is on the untapped goodness and capabilities of people. People exist so that they might have joy. If they do not have joy, something should be addressed. He is practical, but is best at deep coaching conversations. He has grown to realize that the deep systems that drive us are so power, complex, and beyond our logic that they mostly lend themselves to analogies, myths, and archetypes.

He is also fluent in Swedish and finds great value in Nordic myths.

In this Take Command Conversation, Jake talks about:

  • The effectiveness of a Marine leader being vulnerable
  • How Jake transformed the retention rate of his team’s interpreter in war-torn Afghanistan
  • His take on how people with post traumatic stress take short term pleasure that has long term effects

And I asked him:

  • How to innovate and pursue process
  • What his biggest lesson he learned from his parents and how he and Janet raise their kids
  • His steps to change his mindset and outlook on life

And you’ll learn the surprising facts around the fatal flaw many organizations have with their people.