Ep. 6

Showing Up with Energy is a Choice

“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” -Edwin Markham

“Please be responsible for the energy your bring into this space.” -Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

This episode is all about how showing up with energy is a choice.

Kelly is really dialing in how he shows up in every area of his life, based on what he’s learned in life so far.

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Originally from Mt Airy, a small town in the foothills of North Carolina who’s claim to fame is being the birthplace of Andy Griffith and where idea for the show “Mayberry” came from, Kelly learned resourcefulness and a rock solid work ethic from his parents and tight knit family. “You just work hard and figure it out. If that doesn’t work, ask for help, learn, and repeat until you get the desired results.”

After climbing to the top of the Food Safety and Quality ladder, Kelly realized that not only was the ladder leaning against the wrong building, “fulfillment”, the thing he was hoping to find at the top, was not there. It was only when he was introduced to personal development and began to serve others that he really found his purpose. Today, Kelly is a Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker, Solutions Provider, Group Fitness Instructor and Founder and CEO of The Moser Movement where he lifts individuals and teams to their potential and higher selves. However, before you can achieve that big goal you must first “Move your BUT!”

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Kelly’s practical motivation and positive attitude are infectious often saying things like “Anywhere can be your Happy Place with the right perspective” and his signature tag line “Move your BUT!”. Relentlessly encouraging those around him to let go of excuses, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk in order to find your best self and live a life full of fulfillment.

Outside of the entrepreneur world, Kelly enjoys the company of his best friend and wife Janet as well as all things outdoors including fishing, boating, kayaking and living the beach life.

In this Take Command Conversation, Kelly talks about:

  • Need vs want within relationships
  • Showing up with energy is a choice
  • Small steps lead to big change

And I asked him:

  • The impact of rapid promotions on his family
  • How he Takes Command of his relationships
  • What is his “why” that defeats his lies

And you’ll learn some surprising facts around catfish noodling