Ep. 7

Chose to Pursue Your Passion

Caroline Myss says, “Managing the power of choice, with all its creative and spiritual implications, is the essence of the human experience.”

This episode is all about harnessing the power of choice by expressing your emotions.

Susan Hunter is a master of understanding how to move into a second career while learning how to express feelings after being told early in her first career to never do that.


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In 1996, Susan graduated from Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase College of Law, after completing her bachelor’s degree at Hanover College in Southern Indiana.

After practicing law for a time, Susan pursued her passion for estate planning and elder law by founding her own firm, Hunter Estate & Elder Law, in 2001. Located in Fishers, Ind., the firm has expanded to Rockville, Ind., with a satellite office. 

Shortly thereafter, she became a founding member of the national organization, Lawyers with Purpose™. As the educational director, she taught attorneys across the country the legal technical aspects of estate planning and elder law. Her mentoring and coaching was later sought by several other law firms throughout the nation.

She has been admitted to the Hamilton County Bar Association, Indiana Bar Association (estate planning, real property sections, Bar of the Supreme Court of Indiana, Bar of the Supreme Court of Illinois, and the American Bar Association.

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Today, she’s also a national coach and speaker in the fields of estate planning, elder law, Medicaid, probate, team building, and practice management. In 2017, she authored   "Breaking Through: Busting the Generational Barriers,” after co-authoring “Protect Your IRA” with David J. Zumpano.

In addition to regular blogging, Susan is a contributing writer for Senior Life Newspaper based out of Indianapolis, Ind. In her spare time, she enjoys golf, scuba, and photography. She and her husband, Mark are on a lifelong quest to visit all 50 states and all National Parks. They make their home in Noblesville, Ind., with their rescue dogs, Wilbur and Wrigley.


In this Take Command Conversation, Susan talks about:

  • Making choices after survival is assured to advance interests and passion projects
  • How she succeeded as one of only a few women in her workplace early in her career as an attorney
  • Her passion project as she pivots to her second career

And I asked her:

  • How shared experiences create bonds
  • What she learned from being taught to suppress her emotions at work
  • Resources for people wanting to better communicate across the generations

And you’ll learn the surprising facts around the similarities of being a woman attorney and a male Marine.