The Winner's Grid Part 2

May 23, 2019

Continuing on with exploring the Winner’s Grid, we’re going to cover our last two squares. Hang on to your hats, because that last square continues to amaze people and accelerate their goal achievement!

The Winner’s Square

This is the upper left square. It encompasses things that you want and are willing to...

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The Winner’s Grid Part 1

May 22, 2019

Here’s the thing about entitlement and “deserving” things… This 2x2 grid is going to blow your mind. So hang on to the top of your head, especially if you’ve recently done you hair, because this is going to blow your mind!

The Wart Box

There are some things that  you have in your life that...

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Re-engage Your Best Self

May 17, 2019

It doesn’t matter what you want. Whether it’s advancing your career. Or improving your relationships. Or hitting for the stands and getting out to win your dreams.

The single most effective tool for achieving any of those things, or even self improvement, is the 5 Rs of Assessment:

  1. Recognize
  2. Rejoice
  3. Reset
  4. Research
  5. ...
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Research Your Best Self

May 15, 2019

What Do I Do Next?

The Five Rs of Assessment are one of the single greatest tools to help advance your career, strengthen your relationships, and achieve your dreams.

We’ve already covered the first three steps: Recognize, Rejoice, and Reset.

From there, we start looking a few pages into the future.


Choose Your Own...

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Reset Your Best Self

May 13, 2019

We’re pushing forward in my series on the 5 Rs of Assessment, one of the best and most efficient tools to becoming your best self.

It’s helped me become more successful in my career, strengthened my relationships, and has been instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams.

We recently covered the first two steps: ...

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Rejoice Your Best Self

May 09, 2019

Moving through the 5 Rs of Assessment, you’ve recognized that an event either aligned or didn’t align with your best self.

What’s the next R?


Celebration is the second step of the 5 Rs of Assessment!

You take time to congratulate yourself on your observation. Not whether or not you hit the middle of...

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Recognize Your Best Self

May 09, 2019

Start Today

Whether you hit or miss the mark, I want you to use this tool. To assess your progress. To assess what you learned. To assess your growth. To assess.

Notice that I didn’t say “judge.” For those who have read my blogs before, you know my aversion towards judgment.

Now, to remove judgment...

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Be a DUMB Dreamer

May 02, 2019

Welcome to the DUMB Side

Have SMART projects and DUMB goals.

This comes from my friend and mentor, Brendon Burchard, DUMB stands for:

  • Dream driven
  • Uplifting
  • Method Friendly
  • Behavior Triggered

Dream Driven

You’re not doing it because it makes any realistic sense. You’re doing it because ou have that condition to...

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Don't Work SMART

Apr 30, 2019

Work SMARTer?

Have you heard of SMART goals?

I don't like applying SMART to goals. Instead, I apply them to projects and I keep my goals DUMB.

And what does SMART mean?


The reason why I say to use this as a project planning framework is because if you use this as goals, it...

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What Do You Want?

Apr 26, 2019

In the Pursuit of More

Now that you have defined Who You Are and Who You Want to Be, we can move to the next FUNdamental question: What Do You Want?

I want you to really push yourself to identify what you want.

Here’s the thing. I don’t care what anyone else says that you deserve. Coming from a place of loving...

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