3 Ways to Better Use Your Calendar

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Have you ever looked ahead in your calendar and been overwhelmed with your future schedule?

Or maybe you’re a minimalist and you don’t have anything in your calendar because you think you can shoot from the hip and figure things out as your go along?

Either way, if you want to accomplish more, better utilize your time, and be more successful, here are three ways to better use your calendar.


1. Architect Your Schedule

Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish.

Then start placing them on your calendar. Think both short and long term. Place items to reflect your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals.

Whether it’s going for walks, exercise, eating, setting up evening routines, reading, working, collaborating with your partner.

Whatever it is, architect your ideal day, week, and month.


2. If It Goes On Your Calendar, Then It Goes On!

This is what I mean: If you put it on your calendar, commit to doing it!

Or don’t put it on your calendar.

Don’t be wishy-washy with your tasks. Don’t feel like you can keep putting them off willy-nilly. Make appointments with yourself as if you were your top prizewinning client. Because you are!

So, if it goes on your calendar, it goes on!


3. Conduct Calendar Reviews

At the end of each day, week, month, quarter, etc., do a review. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Did you complete what you said you were going to do? Did you get through it? Did you go through the motions? Or did you complete your tasks with excellence?

If you didn't complete your items with excellence or if you’re not passionate about these tasks, then find ways to do it for the last time.

Maybe it means deleting the task from your calendar. Or delegating it to someone else. Maybe it means you defer the item to a different time when you can complete it with excellence.

Regardless, by doing this review, you’ll ensure that your calendar is full of events that add value to your life.


Accelerating Your Progress

With a little bit of planning, follow-through, and review, you’ll be amazed at how much more quickly and efficiently you’ll be able to achieve your goals and accelerate your progress!

I’ve found that these three steps have improved my relationships, advanced my career, and helped inch me closer to achieving my dreams!


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