Taking a minute... or two...

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Hey leader!

Izzy and I have been on a retreat in beautiful Carlsbad, California!  She has spent most of the time rolling around in the little "yard" we have just off the patio.  I've spent a lot of time to slow down and think.

To think about everything we have around us that enables society to continue despite a deadly virus. To be grateful for others.

To think about the exchanges between people, sometimes verbal, sometimes violent, and often misleading in the news. To be grateful to greet others.

To think about the upcoming election in the USA as Americans come together to choose our head of state for the next four years.  To be grateful to have the right to vote in my country.

To think about what it means to Take Command of one's self at an even higher level during times like these.  To be grateful for my ability to choose how I live and grow.

To slow down and define my new normal before it is set out for me.  To be grateful to take a minute, or two...

To reflect and be grateful for everything I am learning from my past, especially in 2020.

To think about how I want to move my life forward.  To be grateful to explore my "why".

To focus on how I want to serve.  To be grateful that I can and commit to.

What do you ask yourself on your retreats?

What questions help you go deeper so that you can grow higher?


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