Celebrate Your Way to Success!

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2019

Who doesn't want to be more successful? 

As we all know, success begets success.

But have you ever wondered how the world's highest performers get the drive to fuel further successes?  How they get over the rough patches? How they are able maintain a high level of performance?

I love exploring this. And when I found out the answer, it was so simple that it floored me.

Winners celebrate their wins in order to win more!

I talked about the first part of this in my last blogStart with an observation that you had a win!

From there, move on to your next step: CELEBRATE!!!

You can start by celebrating the simplest things. Like making your bed. It might seem silly. It might seem like too much.

It's not!

Celebrating the small things has helped me build the momentum I needed in order to make substantial changes in my life.

It has been the single most important thing on how to become successful.

There are so many different ways you can celebrate. You don't have to always throw confetti and have a steak dinner.

First of all, tons of confetti can get messy fast. Second of all, steak dinners can get messy fast. Third of all, if you get confused and throw the confetti on your steak dinner, you could ruin a perfectly good steak.

Which, being from Montana, is blasphemy!

Use your creativity to find a celebration that works for you. That gives you a jolt of energy. That can be used to fuel your next task or project. That will provide that momentum to to keep winning!

In my next blog, I'll cover MOMENTUM. Or you could get a head start by watching my free video called 3 Ways to Win 2019. Watch it for free here.

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