Defining Your Win

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019

The Meaning of “Win”

I love words! I love the etymology of words. I love studying the vernacular, which is when society uses words incorrectly.

For example, in the Marine Corps, “Physical Training” is called PT. We would say, did you PT yet?

As in, “Did you Physical Training yet?”

The answer would be, “Yes, I PT’d today.”

The meaning gets across even if would be weird if we broke it down to the roots.



Let’s look at the root of the word “Win”. Going all the way back to Greek, the word comes from “hamartia” which means “Sin.”

Let’s think about going to the archery range. When you shot at the target, if you missed the bulls-eye, you said that you sinned. Ultimately, it means that you missed the mark.

In Judeo-Christian texts, they borrowed this term to indicate that you missed the mark of the religious directives.

The opposite of a “sin” then, is a “win.” It indicated that you notched your arrow, let loose, and hit the mark!

However, intent matters. Learn why here


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