Does Intent Matter?

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2019

This is part two on my series of Defining Your Win. Read Part one here.

We went over the origin of the words “win” and “sin” and how it came it from archery:

  • Sin = missing the mark.
  • Win = hitting the mark.

However, (spoiler alert!) intent matters.

Being on Call

In the Marine Corps, there is a term called being on call.

I won two trophy medals on a shooting team. These are competition medals. Out of the few hundred people who have won that, I was one of the few who had won the medal in consecutive years.

Basically, that means that I can shoot a piece of paper with no scope really well.

Let’s mix the concepts of being on call with our archery metaphor from earlier.

You look downrange, pull back the arrow, and release.

As the string twangs, you take a look at where you think it’s going to hit. This is very much based on experience.

When the arrow goes where you think it’s going to go, that’s called “Being on call.” It’s the same concept as calling your shot in pool.


Hoping it Sticks

We all know those people who fling a massive amount of “stuff” around. Some of that stuff sticks. Some of that stuff even hits the bulls eye.

Would we call those people experts?

Hell no!

That’s why intent matters.

We want to align our intentions with our goals. After our first attempt, we measure how far off our efforts “missed” our goal. From their we adjust our efforts to either replicate our results (to build data) or to adjust to reach our goal.

Speaking of building data… My next blog will touch on the importance of collecting and building data!


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