Don't Work SMART

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Work SMARTer?

Have you heard of SMART goals?

I don't like applying SMART to goals. Instead, I apply them to projects and I keep my goals DUMB.

And what does SMART mean?


The reason why I say to use this as a project planning framework is because if you use this as goals, it starts to break down.

The Break Down

For example, if you want to sprint as fast as you can on a bicycle for 6 hours, we can apply SMART to it.

Specific? Yes.

Measurable? Sure.

Accurate? Yeah.

Realistic? NO!

So stay away from SMART when assessing your dreams or dreaming. Instead, use them as a tool for project planning or to advance the project.

It was really cute when it went viral a few years ago, but it was the worst thing for people who dream. Because it stomps on dreams.

It’s too practical. It is too small.

Start with the dream. It’s super wide. Super broad. Then funnel it down to the goal. Then distill it down to the project. From there, create actions and tasks.

Dream → Goal → Project → Action → Task

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