Dream on the Mountain

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2018

Have you ever accomplished a dream or a project that came at a price? Sacrifice? Blood, sweat, tears?

Think about your dream. Now place it on the peak of a mountain. Ever so distant and yet you’re determined that you want to get to the top.

Maybe you really want to enjoy the view. Maybe you want to enjoy the challenge. Whatever it is, put it on the top of the mountain.

Think of the steps required to climb to the top of the mountain. There is going to sacrifice. There are going to be sore muscles, bruises, and blisters. I want you to imagine being at the top with your arms outstretched in victory, looking at the valleys below you.

You made it.

When you’ve achieved your dream, when you’ve completed your project, in that moment of victory, that’s not the time to regret those blisters. Instead, recognize that it was part of the journey to get to the top of the mountain.

Your dreams, your projects, your goals are going to involve hard work, sacrifice, and some pain.

With each time that you successfully accomplish a dream or project or reaching the summit, you’re going to learn “What else could I do differently?”

Maybe different clothing. Different socks. Boots that fit differently. Adapt new plans. A new schedule. Timeline. Team members. A new approach to planning.

In doing so, you will gain efficiency and momentum because you’re not criticizing or lamenting the pain and the blisters that were a part of the process. You’re honoring that struggle.

In honoring that struggle, it creates a greater awareness and appreciation of what it feels like to stand there with your arms raised in victory, looking down on how far you’ve come because of that hard work.

As you’re going out and winning your dreams, it’s going to come at a cost. Of pain. Of sacrifice. Of turmoil.

Don’t quit in those moments.

Think about it. Think about that view. Think about that feeling of accomplishing your dreams. Honor your sacrifices. Recognize those opportunities when you didn’t quit. When you stayed on the trail. When you scaled the mountain. When you won your dreams.

Honor your struggles.

Then Go out and Win your dreams, Today.

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