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Uncategorized Mar 14, 2019

It's great to lay down the thought foundation into being successful. After all, it's been shown that thoughts are the bedrock upon which actions are built.

You want to win. You've been celebrating your wins. You've been building momentum. Now let's take it to the next level.

Let's talk about real world, achievable tactics. 

Here's a little thing I made called "Tomorrow's Habit Today."

Habits are a repetition of actions. But how can we build up our habits? How can we have the motivation to get started on seemingly daunting goals?

Start tomorrow's habit today.

I'm a very competitive person. I'm always chasing that high score. Just like games, you can construct some high scores in your life.

For example, journaling. 

Journaling is a great way to learn about yourself, identify and refine habits, and ground yourself. 

In the past, I've gone in and out of the habit of journaling. I want to get started again.

Because I want tomorrow to be Day Two of journaling, I know that today needs to be Day One of journaling.

I project into the future. I imagine the WIN of having reached Day Two of journaling, which helps give me the momentum to get through Day One.

We can build these minor wins into major habits!

Create momentum to achieve your goals and win your dreams!

Using "Tomorrow's Habit Today" can be used for any goal.

No coffee? Gym? Job search?

All applicable!

Then guess what? When set your high score, celebrate your win

It's a perfect storm of an upward spiral. One of the best ways to win forever. 

What habits from tomorrow are you going to start today? Write them down and schedule a time to do them!

This is a short clip from my most popular video called 3 Ways to Win 2019. Watch the entire thing for free here!

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