Getting Angry at Your Weeds?

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

Weeds happen.

Anyone who has planted a garden understands this. The same fecund patch of soil you meticulously prepared to grow your vegetables, herbs, or flowers is a perfect environment for weeds. 

You can control what you can control. And we can't always control what seeds fall into our plot of soil. But you can control what you do when the weed appears.

"What would you do if you died tomorrow?" 

This is the question from a story that greatly influenced my life. Check out the full story here. The cliffnotes: this question was posed to a man named Frankie. 

He replied, "I'd hoe my garden." 

Once we look at this through the lens of assessment, his seemingly offball answer becomes extremely profound.

Frankie can't control when he dies. Just like we can't always control when weeds appear. But he can control what he does on a day-to-day basis. 

Just like we can control our reponses.

(And here's a quick primer about the differences between reactions and responses.)

Define Yourself

Weeds don't make us bad farmers. Just like unplanned problems don't make us bad people. 

Treat your problems with the same level of discernment as a farmer treats his weeds. 

Don't yell at them. Don't call them names. Don't get angry at them. 

Use the 5 R's of Assessment to hoe the weeds in your life.

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