Honor Your Struggle

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2018

My friend and mentor Brendon Burchard came up with this concept called the "Confidence Competence Loop." In a nutshell, in order to do anything, especially things you don't know how to do, you need to start from a place of confidence. You go out there and do it - mistakes and all. By starting your journey, you gain experience, knowledge, and competence. You then use this competence to fuel your confidence, turning it into an amazing cycle of growth and achievement!

In this video, I recount the time that I climbed to the top of Highlight Peak. I had not trained for it at all. I was unprepared and out of shape. To put it simply, the hike was miserable! Filled with mosquitoes, horseflies, snow fields, and thin air, this was not easy for me at the time.

The thought crossed my mind. What if there were an easier route to the top? Like a tram or a steady graded path.

But getting to the top changed my viewpoint.

Being up there, on the top of my visible world, made me appreciate the struggle to get there. I honored the struggle to get to the top.

Honoring the struggle enhanced my win, which then accelerated the momentum in my life.


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