How Do You Push Out of Low Energy?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2019

Looking deeper into the concepts of High Performance. I recently used these concepts to help push myself out of a depression.

My baby girl visited me from Japan. It had been too long since I had last seen her.

When she left, the low energy hit me harder than I could have ever anticipated.

At first, I was holding myself accountable to a "normal" standard of performance, when the situation was far from normal.

When I realized that my state was not normal, I was able to shift my standards of performance and then work on plus-oneing myself in that state.

I pulled all the way back. I made my bed and celebrated!

It's so important to identify your state and then "plus-one" yourself from there.

Using these methods, we can add steps to the staircase and climb our way out of low energy, building ourselves into a place of high performance!

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