How to Accelerate Your Success

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019

Have you ever wanted to have continued success? I know that I used to dream about this. 

I felt like I was stuck in a rut and that my wins were far and few between. It was like being stuck in a perpetual cycle of suck. 

I hated it. 

So I threw myself into research and found the answer to break the pattern of defeat. And it was easier and more enjoyable than I ever thought!

I covered in my last two blogs the first two steps on how to continue to fuel your success.

How to Accelerate Your Success:

  1. Observe Your Win
  2. Celebrate Your Win
  3. Accelerate Your Win

This a very deliberate and conscientious process, which is why it's so effective!

Once you observe and celebrate your win, now it's time to use that energy to accelerate your win!

The way you accelerate your win is through laser-like focus.

For example, I will often want to focus on my business. Now, this is a wide net. Definitely not narrow enough.

Work on my marketing? Better, but still not focused enough.

I'll work on my Facebook ads. Getting there!

I'm going to focus on the demographics on my Facebook ads to ensure my message is reaching the right people. BINGO!

Do you see how I kept funneling my focus down until the objective was clear, definable, and achievable?

This process is extremely important because it sets me up to get another win! Once I get that win, the cycle of winning starts all over again!

A lot of us often get caught up in this concept of a "downward spiral." That failure begets failure. Or even worse, that bad things happen in groups of three or other such nonsense. 

That kind of thinking does not serve us.

Instead, flip that thinking. If you can have a "downward spiral", you can absolutely have an "upward spiral".

Wins begets wins. Successes lead to successes. Your achievements become the building blocks to ever greater achievements!

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