How to Get Unstuck

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

We've all been there before. Feeling stuck.

Whether you're stuck on implementing your schedule, committing to that project. Completing that task. Or even getting started. 

The way to get unstuck is the same no matter the reason.

This is the number one thing that my clients have said have worked for them.

The secret?

The key to getting unstuck is by celebrating your wins!

It starts off with an observation. Recognize that you did something. I want you to think about this as recognizing that you learned something. 

Take, for example, brushing your teeth. It might seem like a little thing. We don't treat it like a little thing!

If we don't take the time for the "little" task of brushing our teeth every day, then when you get to that job interview or that public speaking gig, brushing your teeth for ten minutes won't undo months of neglect.


Celebrate the consistent practice. Brushing your teeth. Making your bed. Eating healthy. Getting rest.

Don't use dismissive language. Don't diminish your achievement. Don't demean it by saying it's little, it's no big deal, it's small.

You call that win for what it is. It's foundational. It's fundamental. It's consistent. It's part of my maintenance activity.

Once you observe your win, then move into the next phase: the celebration!

I'll cover this in my next blog, or watch it now in my free video called 3 Ways to Win 2019. Watch it for free here.

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