How to Recognize Your Best Self


We've been talking about how to use the tools of assessment in order to grow into your best self.

In order to use the full power of assessment, we utilize The 5 R's of Assessment:

  1. Recognize
  2. Rejoice
  3. Reset
  4. Research
  5. Re-engage

Let's talk about the first R of Assessment, Recognize.

Recognizing is when you observe an event or relationship and determine whether or not is was aligned with your best self.

It might seem like common sense, but that's the way it is with so many things.

It's about taking the time and applying a process in order to more systematically and quickly achieve your goals.

So take a step back. Look at the situation or relationship. Remember to take the emotion and judgment out of your assessment.

Be like a computer as you critically analyze the situation. Did the situation or interaction match up with your vision of living as your best self?

For this first step, break it into the simplest part: the recognition.

If you take this first step, you're already further ahead than most people in the world!

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