How to Win Playing Tennis with a Football Bat

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2018

Have you ever taken on a new project? How about a completely new hobby?

It can seem daunting, can’t it? When you’re standing on this end looking off into the distance. There are all of these moving pieces, all this complexity.

In the Marine Corps, we called this trying to play tennis with a football bat.

Oftentimes, it can seem so overwhelming that you just want to give up before you even start.

That’s happened to me before. I want to share what I did in order to overcome the initial burden of getting started. The great thing, too, is that these are the same things that can help accelerate your project!

I was 7 months out of the Marine Corps. I was living in a tiny room in my parent’s mobile home in Bozeman. I had just quit my fourth job. I was feeling pretty low. Pretty much the lowest I had ever felt.

I knew something needed to change.

I had just seen the value of celebrating your wins. I decided that I would start with something small: making my bed.

And even though it was something small, it still felt huge and overwhelming to me at the time.

I did two things simplify this task:

  • I eliminated some variables.
  • I created a system to incorporate lots of little bits of change into one lump of change.

In this case, I didn’t need to make my bed perfectly. I eliminated some of the stringent requirements that I had followed in the Marine Corps. It didn’t need to be perfect. It needed to be good enough to celebrate a win.

The second thing was to bundle a whole bunch of tasks into one task. For this, I took the whole set of actions (wake up, stretch, get out of bed, remove covers, smooth out the sheets, etc) into two tasks: get up and make the bed.

I know it seems kind of simple and silly, but that’s exactly what I needed in order to celebrate my first win of the day.

Those first wins were the catalyst that started me on my present journey.

As I followed my path into coaching and helping others, I remembered my two lessons: simplify and create systems.

This process became especially valuable as I began scaling up my business. It felt overwhelming to think about learning how to shoot videos, learn to program my website, how to market my services, how to implement a Facebook presence, and so much more!


I stepped back and thought, “How can I simplify? How can I build a system to incorporate all of these many steps in one big step?”

First, I built up my team. I delegated tasks that they could do better or that I felt frustrated doing. This allowed me to focus on doing the things I loved, which was creating these videos and serving my clients.

Secondly, I built a system where my team could do what they do best. We have meetings where I listen to them. And because I trust their judgment I align their expertise to my vision of growth.

It’s been about a year since I started my coaching business. It’s been a hilarious game of trying to play tennis with a football bat, but by continually implementing these two steps, I’ve been able to accelerate my growth and progress!

I hope this blog and video help you to Go out and Win your dreams, Today!

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