If You Died Tomorrow, What Would You Do?

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2019

I want to tell you about Franky.

Franky grew up wealthy and was very charismatic. He didn't want for anything while growing up.

People would want him to do things. He was too busy living and exploring the world to really follow their path.

At 20 years old, he joined the military and was deployed into combat.

During combat, his unit was completely decimated. Franky was held as a prisoner of war for a year.

When he was released, he came back and fell back into his old habits of being a party animal.

Then he got called to serve again.

A few days into his new deployment, he went through a complete life transformation.

He came back and faced a lot of accusations of being a coward. All because he changed his awareness of his involvement in warfare.

In the process, he became a thought leader.

He dedicated his life to be in service of others. To help the homeless. The sick. The poor.

One day, one of Franky's friends came up to him and asked, "If you knew that you'd die tomorrow, what would you do?"

That's a huge question!

Ask yourself that right now: if you knew that you'd die tomorrow, what would you do?

Would you be square with the world?

Would you reflect on your past and realize that you lived a life of excellence?

Would you be playing catch-up with your bucket list?

Would you be frantically getting on the phone or on a plane to spend time with family?

Would you apologize to the person you had wronged? Or reach out to the person who had wronged you?

Do you know what Franky said?

He said, "I'd hoe my garden."

The first time I heard this story was from my dad at 10 years old.

It took a long time and many levels of depth and interpretation to understand this statement.

I wanted to examine this statement through three lenses. These lenses are three ways that you can win 2019.

Here are the three lenses:

  1. Integrity
  2. Assessment
  3. Magic

This is a short clip from a longer video that is available for free on my YouTube channel. Watch it now for free here.


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