Let Them Hear Your Smile

Uncategorized May 12, 2018

Recently, I trained the employees of a corporate client. In the workshop, I asked them, “who are you and how do you define your roles? Not only with yourself, also within your family, relationships, and at work?”

One of the team members said the most marvelous thing. She said, "I am the first smile people hear when they call this office."

It blew my mind that she was aware of the vital role she played on that team.

Other people may be tempted as the receptionist to say "I'm just the secretary" or "I'm only the receptionist."

But not her.

She wanted to be the first smile people heard. Think of all the people that she positively impacts throughout the course of her day. Then imagine the ripple effect that must have throughout their lives. It’s powerful!

How can you incorporate that into your life? How can you be that first smile people hear when they talk to you?

Think about the times you're going to call someone. For example, your cell phone company. Maybe you need to ask for assistance or dispute a bill. How are you going to approach that call to be your best self?

We aren’t always in our best frame of mind. You know this if you’ve ever wanted to dispute a bill!

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a real person on the other end of the line. Anything that you’re dealing with will bleed over to that customer service representative.

Rather than completely getting messy, you have an opportunity to completely change someone’s day or week.

And if you really want to go for the high score, lead off with "Hey Bill, what if I told you that today will be the best call of your career as a CSR?"

Remember to smile big. Smile so the corners of your mouth touch the ceiling. Do it right now. Can you feel how it affects your energy? This energy is contagious!

So next time you are on the phone or interacting with somebody, let people hear your smile.

Until next time, my friends, remember to go out and win your dreams, today.


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