What's the question that no one is asking?

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2020

You are likely facing a lot of different challenges as a result of everything that’s happened this year.  From a pandemic to rioting and protests, 2020 is a year we will all speak about for decades to come.

You may be facing some additional stress.  Some things may not be going the way they should or you had hoped.  Your family may be even more stressed than usual.  Same thing with your team at work.  With all of these areas of additional stress, you may be ready to do something different: to prepare yourself for even greater success!

“What’s the question that no one is asking me yet, Paul?” asked one of my clients recently.  It’s questions like this that I LOVE to receive during my consulting sessions.

She’s been facing a lot of stress lately.  With her husband (he got laid off), with her teenagers starting school and not being able to actually attend it, and from work as the CEO of a business.  She realized there’s so much focus on the “New Normal” and she wanted to know the question that no one else is asking her yet.

Although my grade school teachers frowned upon me answering a question with a question, this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

"What can you do to build an even stronger personal foundation?"

Think of your personal foundation like the foundation of a house.  If the foundation is poor, then cracks show up in walls, the front porch has a “lean”, and the garage caves in!  Setting and maintaining a solid foundation is KEY to anything you want to build upon it!

The same thing goes for your life!  You can build pretty much anything you want on your personal foundation.  Whether it’s a relationship, a business, a family, retirement, world travel… the list is endless.  Whatever you want to build on your foundation, it seems like you would want it to succeed.  So set the conditions for that success by making your personal foundation even stronger!

Here are three quick Leader’s Tips to create an even strong personal foundation:  sleep, sweat, and meditation/journaling.

Setting up your personal foundation starts the night before with your sleep.  Cut out technology and other distractions at least one hour before bed.  This will allow your brain to start the release of melatonin to help you sleep better.  It will also support you at the end of your day when you’ve likely reached decision fatigue.  You’ve been going all day!  Remove the chance of just vegging on the coach in front of a season of some show because you’re EXHAUSTED!  Use your phone’s alarm to help remind you to turn off the tech!

Next, pick your time of the day to get SWEATY!  A regimen of physical activity that raises your heart rate and elevates your breathing will allow you to intentionally off load your stress.  After all, I know you don’t want to take the stress from work out on your spouse and kids.  You are better than that!  I also believe that you don’t want to take the stress from home out on your team at work.  Use exercise as a means to directly offload this stress to help you manage it!  Be sure to talk with your doctor and address any specific health considerations you individually face.

Finally, incorporate meditation and journaling into your life.  Where you will likely have some residual stress, meditation and journaling will help you identify it and work to off load it intentionally.  Start with a 3-5 minute meditation session if you’re unfamiliar with meditating or it hasn’t worked for you before.  If you focus on counting time intervals for your inhale, while holding your breath, and your exhale, then you’ll be on the right track.  You can also check out some apps that have low or no cost to help guide you.  Create a time that you commit to yourself for this practice and get in there!  Give yourself a 10 or even 30 day challenge!  Journaling follows a similar approach.  Use it as a way to chronicle your life so you can have a reference of where your at, where you’ve been, and where you want to go!  You can start a journaling practice by answering a set of questions each morning or evening.  The questions in my journal I answer every evening are:  What’s one thing I learned today?  What’s one thing I can improve for the future?  What am I grateful for?  Start this practice today!  Review your writings weekly and look for the patterns that are in your life!

When you incorporate these three steps: better sleep, get sweaty, and meditate/journal, then you’ll be building an even stronger foundation.  An even stronger foundation to be a better parent and partner.  An even stronger foundation to lead your company, team, and customers.  An even stronger foundation to lead your community.  When you take the time to focus on your personal foundation, you are setting yourself up for LIMITLESS success!

Now get back out there, Take Command, and lead the life of your dreams!

You’ve got this!

I believe in you!


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