Presenting my Best Self: Dog Poo Edition

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2018

I recently had an amazing opportunity to present my best self to a neighbor. 

You see, I live in an apartment complex with dogs. A LOT of dogs. Some neighbors are very good at picking up after their dogs. In the hot Arizona sun, it can create quite an unsightly mess.

I had just left my apartment and Izzy, my service dog, stopped to pee. While she was peeing, one of my neighbors, an older snow bird asked loudly if I needed a poop bag. 

His tone was a little gruff and I was taken aback. In the past, I might have pushed back. I might have said or done something to try to ensure that he would never talk to me like that again.

However, rather than reacting I decided to reflect on the interaction.

Sure enough, the very next day I was out with Izzy. Her pee was immediately followed by a poop. There I was without a bag. 

Just then, the same neighbor came out and look over the railing. This was the perfect opportunity to respond to yesterday's encounter. 

I called up to him, "I'll take you up on your offer for that bag now!"

He was a little flustered. He didn't actually have any dog poo bags, but offered a grocery bag. We got to talking. 

He was from Wisconsin and had been coming to down to Phoenix for the last 5 winters. He and his wife bike 20 miles around the city every day!

Rather than attacking him, I asked him questions. You see, most people want to be heard. They want to be understood. Rick was no different.

You see, he had been fighting the rising tide of neglected dog poo for years. When his grandkids came over, he didn't want them to deal with any errant dog bombs. 

I agreed with him. I also showed him that I wasn't one of those dog owners. 

We took the time to learn from each other. To come to a mutual understanding. We started as neighbors, but parted as friends. 

Over and over again, I find that when I approach situations with the intention of being the best version of myself, the outcome is extraordinary! 

Though, I might have come up with these concepts on my own, by being part of a community of like minded individuals, I was able to greatly accelerate my progress towards growth and achieving my dreams.

If you're looking for a supportive community, please check out Go Win Monthly.  Who are we? A group of motivated, high-performance individuals from across the world supporting each other's growth and dreams.

I hope this story helps remind you to strive to be your best self every day. Until next time, my friends, remember to Go out and Win your dreams, Today!


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