Quick Wins: Reach Out

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2018

For today’s Quick Win, I wanted you to reach out to someone you look up to. This could be a role model or someone who has influenced you. Someone who has affected your life in some way.

You might be tempted to email or text them, but try not to.

Call them instead. We’ve become so caught up in texting that calling will add an extra layer of intent and respect.

Even better, meet with them face to face. So much more information can be conveyed with our body language than texting or calling could ever achieve.

Tell them how they influenced you. Make it authentic.

Here are some prompts:

  • Hey, I wanted to share that when you taught me…
  • When I observed that…
  • When I saw that you…
  • When you put out that email to your tribe…

Whatever it is, reach out to that person and share how much you appreciate them being them!

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