Rejoice Your Best Self

Uncategorized May 09, 2019

Moving through the 5 Rs of Assessment, you’ve recognized that an event either aligned or didn’t align with your best self.

What’s the next R?


Celebration is the second step of the 5 Rs of Assessment!

You take time to congratulate yourself on your observation. Not whether or not you hit the middle of the target. Not for getting the bullseye. You celebrate the observation.


Because you’re not always going to be aligned with your best self. Far from it. Most times you are not going to be aligned. You are not going to reach your goal. You are going to fall short of your objective.

Does this make you “bad?”

Hell no! Using words like “bad” should be a huge red flag. That’s judgment creeping in. And judgment does not serve you.

Watch the full video for a story about how I used the tool of rejoicing to get me through a time when I recognized that I hadn’t been aligned with my best self. It was the time I realized I had been absent to my first wife and family.

It was definitely a low point. And when Val asked how I wanted to handle my recognition, the temptation was there to allow the judgment to creep in. To fall into self-loathing. Instead, I decided to follow the framework. 

It was tough. I did it anyway. I rejoiced in my recognition that I hadn't been aligned with my best self.

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