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Uncategorized May 13, 2019

We’re pushing forward in my series on the 5 Rs of Assessment, one of the best and most efficient tools to becoming your best self.

It’s helped me become more successful in my career, strengthened my relationships, and has been instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams.

We recently covered the first two steps: Recognize and Rejoice.

Each step is important. I especially love the third step since it allows me to be creative!


Hit the Reset Button

The third R of the Assessment is to reset. There are two steps within Resetting.

The first step of resetting: Take a look at what you learned.

When you recognized that you were or were not aligned with your best self, what did you notice? How did you notice it? How do you wish the situation would have played out differently?

This kind of loose introspection is akin to dreaming and absolutely vital for the next part.

The second step of resetting: Create 3-5 options for how to proceed based on what you learned.

You can create 20. Or even 100. The important thing is to brainstorm and then whittle it down until you have three to five options.

Think Outside the Frame


As you create options, it’s important to think outside the frame. Too many people engage in cluster thinking, where all of their ideas are too similar. They won’t even venture into a new area of problem solving. Often times, brainstorming outlandishly creative ideas is where true growth occurs!

Not because you’ll actually do all those crazy ideas. Far from it. Notice that I said create and not commit.

From those three to five options, we want to understand which ones might work the best for where we are right now.

That leads us to the fourth R of Assessment: Research.


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