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Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

Building the Best Foundation for Success

You may have heard the story about the two men who built houses on different foundations.

One man built his house on sand. While the other man built his house on rock.

A great storm swept through the area. The house built on the sand was carried out to sea, while the house built on the rock withstood the wind, rain, and floods.

This may seem like a no-brainer.

Build your structures on a solid foundation and they’ll withstand trials and tribulations.

How many of us apply that to ourselves? To our goals, dreams, and ambitions?

And while we think we have our lives have a solid foundation (or maybe you’re going through a huge storm right now!) it’s best practices to periodically review your structure for integrity.

That’s where the power of WHY comes into play.


The Path to a Better WHY

Part of my inspection process includes constant re-evaluation and re-examination.

How can I improve faster? How can I get better more quickly? How can I have a better career, deeper relationships, and achieve my dreams?

In my recent video I go over 3 Ways to support your Why


1. Go Deeper

The 7 Layers Deep tool is amazing! Take a minutes to fill it out now. You’ll gain new clarity and awareness to find your WHY.


2. Suspend Judgment

Judgment is the momentum killer. And I know about that judgment all too well.

When I first discovered my dream to sail around the world, it wasn’t for the most noble of intentions. I cast judgment on myself and my past.

I believed that I was a threat to parts of society. That I wasn’t a good person. That I deserved to be by myself.

It was judgment on past actions that plagued me. Actions that I did. Actions that were done to me.

Regardless, judgement didn’t serve me and my dreams. Judgment limits instead of expands.

One technique that really helped me get past judgment was approaching the past as a series of facts fed into a computer.

For example, imagine failing a test. The judgment would say, “I’m stupid.” Presenting it as a fact objectively turns the situation into “I scored below 60% on this test.”

By avoiding subjectivity, I can assess the test as a point in time instead of an overall statement on me as a person.

If I’m stupid, then I can never get better. Ever.

That’s not true for anyone!

We can all work, study, and strive to be better!

Recognize that you’re bigger than any judgment from your past.


3. WHY Has Your Dream

WHY is the place where dreams live. When you let your mind wander, you’ll find yourself thinking about the WHY of things.

It’s the place of wonder. Of discovery. Of exploration!

When I say that WHY Has Your Dream, I’m using WHY as an acronym.

Here’s the basic break down:





Who is involved in your dream? Hopefully you of course! And who else? Do you picture your family there? Friends? Business partners?

Identify the who in order to help build your foundation!


Where does your dream take place? Mine is in a sailboat traveling around the world. I have a friend who dreams of owning a beachside place in Mexico.

Location can be everything in building your foundation!


Because there is a timeline to your dreams. Imagine when your dream will take place. When will it be finished?

Imagine the timeframe in order to put your dream in better focus!


This is the meta part of the WHY question. We want to keep asking the why. To keep the process of improvement and discovery continual!

Every foundation, every building, every institution, every dream requires continual improvement!

The Process of Success

That’s one of the biggest realizations that I had: success isn’t a destination. It’s a process.

These processes are made up of our dreams and habits. Of our communities. And at the very foundations of ourselves.

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