The Power of a Raindrop

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2018

Have you ever wanted something but didn't know how to get it? Did it seem unattainable? Always out of reach? Just like a mountain in the distance, always towering over you and always out of reach.

It doesn't have to seem so hard. 

Consider this: compare a rock to a raindrop. Obviously, the rock is stronger than a raindrop. Except when you apply the power of consistency to the rock.

A single drop seems insignificant. A second drop hardly fares better. But apply drop after drop, over a long enough period of time, and a pit appears. Gouges. Divets. Holes. 

Consistency always wins.

And here's the key: we're smarter than a raindrop. We can step back. We can assess. We can collaborate.

Our strength comes not from being one raindrop, but by being part of a mighty storm. 

High performers know this. They know that their drive is amplified by being part of a group. 

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