The Secret to Balanced Clarity

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

The Power of High Performance

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by everything you have to accomplish?

Have you ever asked yourself: how can I find the time or energy to accomplish everything?

How can I advance my career? How can I strengthen my relationships? How can I get through today much less this week?

That’s one of the focal points of high performance coaching. Think about it: the world’s top athletes and entertainers all have coaches.

They know that success requires continual adjustments. They know that we all will get off track or distracted.

No matter if you’re trying to improve your golf swing or trying to better optimize your day, coaches help you re-examine your fundamentals to achieve greater efficiency for increased results.


The FUNdamental Four Questions

There are Four FUNdamental questions. (And yes, I want to highlight the “fun” in fundamental.)


Because, once you integrate the key concepts of high performance in your life, your perception shifts. No longer will things seem as stressful.

What you used to think of as obstacles become challenges. They become puzzles to solve, rather than things that defeat you.

Think about it: when you solve a puzzle, how does it make you feel?

I know for me, solving puzzles gives me a rush! It gives me that shot of dopamine which I use to fuel more wins!

The FUNdamental Four Questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?
  3. What is your willingness to earn it?
  4. Why?

All of these questions interact and support each other. At the center, though, is the “why.”


The Bedrock of Success

He whose life has a why can bear almost any how. -Friedrich Nietzsche

This quote really sums up the foundation of how to achieve balanced clarity.

When you’re really clear about what you want, then the path to achievement ceases to be difficult or easy. It ceases to be steep or flat. It ceases to be in vogue or unpopular.

When you are really clear about your aspiration, your goal, or your dream, then you achieve it.

Being clear about your objectives allows you to shed your excuses.

When you life has a “why”, the other FUNdamental questions come more clearly into focus.

Take some time today to identify the “why” in your life.

I’ll start going into the other fundamental questions in my next blog. Subscribe to my newsletter today to get my blogs delivered straight to your inbox!

Until then, Go out and Win your dreams, Today!


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