The Winner’s Grid Part 1

Uncategorized May 22, 2019

Here’s the thing about entitlement and “deserving” things… This 2x2 grid is going to blow your mind. So hang on to the top of your head, especially if you’ve recently done you hair, because this is going to blow your mind!

The Wart Box

There are some things that  you have in your life that showing up and you don’t want. And yet… they’re here.

Kind of like a wart.

We would put those things in the bottom half of the grid, because you don’t want them. We would put them on the left hand side, because, in some fashion, you are earning it somehow.

I say this with all love and humility, you’re earning it somehow.

This is a tough one to understand and accept. Let’s tackle it.

For example, suffering from unresolved trauma. Now, let’s be clear. You didn’t deserve the trauma. You definitely didn’t want the trauma. Yet, you are still suffering from the unresolved trauma.

The reason being that you can take steps to resolve your trauma.

A common one is dealing with a parent’s divorce. One member of the Winners’ Circle gave some examples that unresolved trauma from his parent’s divorce led to trust issues. By not tackling his the unresolved trauma from his parent’s divorce he had earned his unwanted trust issues.

Just like a wart, it'll stay there forever if you don't treat it. 

The Dreamer’s Box

Next, let’s look at the things that you want, but aren’t in your life.

We’d place these things in the upper right box. These could be things that you want but aren’t willing to earn at all. Or you aren’t willing to earn yet.

For me, right now, it’s sailing around the world.

Everyone who knows me, knows that one of my absolute goals is to be able to live in my sailboat and sail around the world.

My dream took a detour to Phoenix Arizona to be support the love of my life as she attends school.

Because I’ve made the choice to be with her, I am recognize that I’m not willing to earn what I want. In part, because I want to be with Val more than I want to sail around the world.

Read about the next two boxes here!

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