Three Traits of a Good Leader

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2017

I was asked one time as a United States Marine Corps Officer, "what are the traits that it takes to be a good leader?" I thought about it, about the things that I saw going into being a unique and effective leader. Here are the three things I consider essential. 

First: be a good person. Being a good person comes from introspection, a self development program, journaling, meditating, eating the right foods, and working your body the right way. When you work on becoming the best person you can be, you start to enable others to be the best that they can be.

The second part: take care of your team. Sometimes that means being firm, really pushing to see what they can give. They might have thought that they only had fumes in their tank when you knew they had so much more. Sometimes as a leader, you have to push your team to really test what are the limits of their capabilities.

Sometimes taking care of your team means bringing them together, celebrating their wins, recognizing the accomplishment of different goals.

There's going to be a huge spectrum in there that also is going to include some discipline at times. Also within that spectrum is going to be motivation. So take a look at what that is for you, for how to take care of the team.

The third thing: get the job done. And instead of thinking about having it "done", add one little extra piece and call it "finished" or "complete". This might not always be an option, you may have time or personnel or budget constraints.

However, be creative. I know you have more left in your tank of capability, so find a way to really push that completion of your project from done to finished.

Again, be a good person, take care of the team, and get the job finished. Until next time, my friends, remember to go out and win your dreams today!


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