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Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

My recent blogs have have been talking about using assessment as one of the first tools to achieve your goals.

As we've been talking about assessment, I want to focus more on how to assess.

Judging is a core component of assessment. However, let's focus on what kind of judgment we should use: discernment versus judgement.

Judgment can be a heavy word. So let's break it down.

Don't use "judgment" as in "a judge in a court." If you find yourself saying "should", then you're judging.

Instead, let's use the assessment through the lense of "discernment."

Think of it more like computer based input. Remove as much of the emotion as possible.

Use it in the same context as saying "that happened."

When we remove the negative aspect of judgment, we can move toward a place of true assessment.

It allows us the space and freedom to look at the event more objectively.

This is HUGE!


Because when we remove the judgment from our assessment, we can then focus our energy on finding clear and positive action items to improve ourselves.

Think of this like a marathon. If we put the shackles of judgment on our ankles, how quickly can we run?

But using discernment, we can remove those shackles and increase our pace and endurance!

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