What Do You Want?

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019

In the Pursuit of More

Now that you have defined Who You Are and Who You Want to Be, we can move to the next FUNdamental question: What Do You Want?

I want you to really push yourself to identify what you want.

Here’s the thing. I don’t care what anyone else says that you deserve. Coming from a place of loving humility, if you think you deserve anything in this world, you don’t.

It’s not about deserving things. It’s about earning things.

If everyone on this world worked to earn the things in their lives, can imagine how different the world would be?

The Human Condition

The desire for “more” is part of the human condition. Scientists are looking at DNA to see if there is a marker for more.

For example, anthropologists have found evidence that, instead of traveling over land from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, that early humans instead traveled across the ocean.

And how does it happen?

I imagine it was the same then as it is now. Enough days go by where you stand on the shore and think, “I wonder what’s across that big body of water. I wonder if there is more over there.”

It happens over and over again. Moving out of caves into huts. From huts into homes. Building beautiful buildings and dwellings.

All from the pursuit of more.

There are aspects of society that demonize “more.”

Recognize without the pursuit of “more” that humans would not have accomplished our greatest achievements.


Challenge the Judgment

In your pursuit of more, you may come across judgment. The greatest source of judgment will probably come from within.

I have experienced it a lot. It feel it deep inside. It feels uncomfortable. I call it The Squirm.

 When The Squirm comes up, confront it. Notice that I didn’t say combat it.

 Confront yourself. Challenge yourself. Grow. Then clean it up.

Wanting more is not inherently bad. Just the opposite. Wanting more is an innate part of the human condition.

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