When Should You Reset?

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

We've all been there before. You feel stuck. You feel trapped. You feel like you only have one choice and you hate it!

So how do you get out of this trap?

I've been talking a lot about the 5 R's of Assessment.

  1. Recognize
  2. Rejoice
  3. Reset
  4. Research
  5. Re-engage

This might seem like a lot, but hold on with me.

Most any project you undertake requires tools. The 5 R's of Assessment is one of the most fundamental tools of achievement.


Because it analyzes and dismantles the obstacles that thwart most every project: the obstacles we, ourselves, put into place.

That's why step number 3 is so important. It looks at the language that we use and eliminates it.

"This is my only choice."

Whaaat? Your only choice? That's not really a choice.

Here's the trick. You're creative. You're smart. You can look at other situations and easily solve other people's problems.

So why don't we do this for ourselves?

Because of this mental block.

The first two R's of Assessment helped clear out the blockage. You have recognized and rejoiced. You have put yourself in the perfect place to problem solve.

Come up with three to five options to improve and advance your situation.

By pushing yourself to come up with three to five choices, you are challenging yourself to think creatively and positively.

It blasts away your comfort zone, which is where the real growth begins!

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