Who Are You?

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2019

Taking a Trip to Wonderland

One of our Four FUNdamental Questions, that we talked about in a previous post, is “Who Are You?”

Let’s take a trip back to a children’s story, Alice in Wonderland.

If you’re familiar with the story, poor Alice had gone into wonderland and had eaten a cake that made her shrink. She was tiny. Maybe 3 inches tall.

Then she meets this hookah-smoking caterpillar who asks her, “Who are you?”

Alice basically said, “I don’t really know! I thought I knew this morning, but now all this stuff has happened and I don’t know anymore!”

The caterpillar continues to challenge her.

At one point, she gets upset and storms off. Then she gets frustrated that she’s walking away so she returns to the caterpillar.

This, by itself is an amazing insight. When Alice realizes that she doesn’t know who she is, she finds it impossible to go anywhere.

Let me say that again:

If you don’t know WHO you are, you don’t know where you’re going.

Growing to Impossible Heights

Alice then grabbed a handful of the caterpillar’s mushroom. Her next bite made her grow, but disproportionately.

Her neck grew really long. Her head shot up through the forest and into the trees.

A bird started attacking her, saying, “Serpent! Serpent! You’re here to eat my eggs!”

“No,” Alice said. “I’m a little girl.”

The bird continued, “no you’re not! Look at you. You’re a serpent.”

“Well, I might be a serpent. I have a lot of things that look serpent-like. My neck is long and serpentine. You might be right”

“And have you ever eaten eggs?”

Alice thought and said, “Well, yes, I have eaten eggs before.”

“See!” The bird said. “You’re a serpent and you’re here to eat my eggs!”

Have you ever had that happen? Where someone looks at you and tells you what you are and you believe them!

And then, like Alice, you are taking small bites to make parts of yourself biggers. Or other bites to make yourself smaller.

All in an attempt to get some sort of normalcy in your life. So you can figure out who you are. So you can take that next step to achieve your vision.

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