Who Do You Want to Be?

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

Growing into Your Best Self

We’ve already gone over “Who You Are” in this blog.

Defining who you are, without judgment is the first foundational step into growing into your best self and achieving your dreams.

Once you’ve written down who you are, then move onto the next question.

Take a moment and write down who you want to be.

Note that I said “want to be,” not have to be, supposed to be, must be, or should be. These are all horrible words and don’t serve you.

When you think about this, I don’t want you to think outside the box, because that means that you’re in a box. Rather, I want you to frame it.

Give yourself a frame to think in. Frames don’t have tops that you have to worry about. They’re not built to contain that space.

This is who I am:

  • A veteran
  • A father
  • A partner
  • A coach

Then I ask myself, who do I want to be?

Who I want to be:

  • An involved father
  • An accomplished sailor
  • A peace creator
  • Generous philanthropist


An Involved Father

This pushes and challenges me every day. My children live with their mother 14 time zones away.

So even lining up the time zones s a challenge. Since I set being an involved father as an intention, I’ve become really good at texting, sending audio messages, and setting up Zoom calls.

An Accomplished Sailor

Right now, I can handle a 22 foot boat. I’m continuing to practice as much as I can even living in Phoenix.

Becoming an accomplished sailor leads into my dream of sailing around the world.


A Peace Creator

When I first wrote down this intention, I almost puked. The butterflies in my stomach become violent.

Because I started going into judgment. I started thinking about all the times I wreaked havoc and destruction in my life.

That judgment came in and said, “you can’t be a peace creator, Paul! You need to pay penance for your sins. You need to have retribution for all the harm you’ve caused in your past.”

That’s the judgment coming in.

I looked at the data. Have I hurt people? Yes I have.

What’s the greatest way I can change to perform that penance?

To become a Peace Creator.

Once I commited to become a Peace Creator, the butterflies in my stomach started settling down. They were still flying, but I gained that space to change.

A Generous Philanthropist

I want to give money away.

While I’m sailing around the world, I want to be able to help the people and communities that I encounter. I want to be able to enact humanitarian assistance.

I want to be able to have that abundance.


Your Examples

These are my examples. I challenge you to write down your examples. Who are you? Who do you want to be?


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