Why It's Important to Schedule VIP Time

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

Here's the deal.

You want to achieve your goals and dreams. But with what time?

I used to be in the same boat.

That is, until I started architecting my time.

I go into this concept in greater depth in my free video, 3 Ways to Win 2019.

For this post, I wanted to focus specifically on one of my monthly goals:

VIP Time.

We all know that VIP stands for "Very Important Person." For me, it also stands for Valerie, Izzy, and Paul time!

What we found is that our schedules can often spiral out of control. As we try to achieve more and more, we often borrow from time with our loved ones.

Rather than working to live, we start living to work.

The Importance of Scheduling

That's why it's so important to schedule this connection time!

When we make our monthly schedule, we specifically schedule time together.

This way, we can maintain and even INCREASE our bonds and make sure our goals stay aligned!

Not only do we make sure we have monthly goals of getting away, we ensure that we spend time together each day.

In our case, this is our dinner time.

And to guarantee daily quality time together, we instituted a "no electronics" rule.

There is a TON of evidence from neuroscience that stresses the importance of face-to-face connection WITHOUT the distraction of electronics.

Implement this one technique in your life TODAY and watch how other things will start falling into place.

This is a small part of a larger video. Watch now to get even more tips and techniques to accelerate the achievement of your goals!

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