Rejoice Your Best Self

Uncategorized May 09, 2019

Moving through the 5 Rs of Assessment, you’ve recognized that an event either aligned or didn’t align with your best self.

What’s the next R?


Celebration is the second step of the 5 Rs of Assessment!

You take time to congratulate yourself on your observation. Not whether or not you hit the middle of the target. Not for getting the bullseye. You celebrate the observation.


Because you’re not always going to be aligned with your best self. Far from it. Most times you are not going to be aligned. You are not going to reach your goal. You are going to fall short of your objective.

Does this make you “bad?”

Hell no! Using words like “bad” should be a huge red flag. That’s judgment creeping in. And judgment does not serve you.

Watch the full video for a story about how I used the tool of rejoicing to get me through a time when I recognized that I hadn’t been aligned with my best self. It was the time I realized I...

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Recognize Your Best Self

Uncategorized May 09, 2019

Start Today

Whether you hit or miss the mark, I want you to use this tool. To assess your progress. To assess what you learned. To assess your growth. To assess.

Notice that I didn’t say “judge.” For those who have read my blogs before, you know my aversion towards judgment.

Now, to remove judgment doesn’t mean that you get a free pass. You don’t get to be rude to everyone in your life, because intent matters.

  1. Recognize
  2. Rejoice
  3. Reset
  4. Research
  5. Re-engage

Think of this as a circle, where each one feeds into the next one.


You observe an event or relationship aligned or misaligned with your best self.

We tend to most easily recognize those events that are aligned with our best self. However, it’s vitally important to also recognize events that are not aligned with our best self.

In fact, when we observe events not aligned with our best self, we have the greatest opportunity to grow.

After all, we can only recognize where we are weakest...

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Be a DUMB Dreamer

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

Welcome to the DUMB Side

Have SMART projects and DUMB goals.

This comes from my friend and mentor, Brendon Burchard, DUMB stands for:

  • Dream driven
  • Uplifting
  • Method Friendly
  • Behavior Triggered

Dream Driven

You’re not doing it because it makes any realistic sense. You’re doing it because ou have that condition to ask why. To think about more. To think about what dreams could come.


We have too many atrocities in our human history. Make a commitment to make your dreams uplifting.

Method Friendly

That way, your dream can be put into a process to become a reality.

Behavior Triggered

Create reminders for yourself to keep focused on achieving your dream.

Are You Willing to Earn It?

Ask yourself, what do I want and why?

Then that question becomes “Am I willing to earn it? And why?”

Because I will be the first person to tell you that you don't deserve anything

If you are willing to earn it, you are going to encounter a scarcity of resources. These...

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Don't Work SMART

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Work SMARTer?

Have you heard of SMART goals?

I don't like applying SMART to goals. Instead, I apply them to projects and I keep my goals DUMB.

And what does SMART mean?


The reason why I say to use this as a project planning framework is because if you use this as goals, it starts to break down.

The Break Down

For example, if you want to sprint as fast as you can on a bicycle for 6 hours, we can apply SMART to it.

Specific? Yes.

Measurable? Sure.

Accurate? Yeah.

Realistic? NO!

So stay away from SMART when assessing your dreams or dreaming. Instead, use them as a tool for project planning or to advance the project.

It was really cute when it went viral a few years ago, but it was the worst thing for people who dream. Because it stomps on dreams.

It’s too practical. It is too small.

Start with the dream. It’s super wide. Super broad. Then funnel it down to the goal. Then distill it down to the project. From there, create...

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What Do You Want?

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019

In the Pursuit of More

Now that you have defined Who You Are and Who You Want to Be, we can move to the next FUNdamental question: What Do You Want?

I want you to really push yourself to identify what you want.

Here’s the thing. I don’t care what anyone else says that you deserve. Coming from a place of loving humility, if you think you deserve anything in this world, you don’t.

It’s not about deserving things. It’s about earning things.

If everyone on this world worked to earn the things in their lives, can imagine how different the world would be?

The Human Condition

The desire for “more” is part of the human condition. Scientists are looking at DNA to see if there is a marker for more.

For example, anthropologists have found evidence that, instead of traveling over land from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, that early humans instead traveled across the ocean.

And how does it happen?

I imagine it was the same then as it is now....

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Who Do You Want to Be?

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

Growing into Your Best Self

We’ve already gone over “Who You Are” in this blog.

Defining who you are, without judgment is the first foundational step into growing into your best self and achieving your dreams.

Once you’ve written down who you are, then move onto the next question.

Take a moment and write down who you want to be.

Note that I said “want to be,” not have to be, supposed to be, must be, or should be. These are all horrible words and don’t serve you.

When you think about this, I don’t want you to think outside the box, because that means that you’re in a box. Rather, I want you to frame it.

Give yourself a frame to think in. Frames don’t have tops that you have to worry about. They’re not built to contain that space.

This is who I am:

  • A veteran
  • A father
  • A partner
  • A coach

Then I ask myself, who do I want to be?

Who I want to be:

  • An involved father
  • An accomplished sailor
  • A peace creator
  • Generous...
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Who Are You?

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2019

Taking a Trip to Wonderland

One of our Four FUNdamental Questions, that we talked about in a previous post, is “Who Are You?”

Let’s take a trip back to a children’s story, Alice in Wonderland.

If you’re familiar with the story, poor Alice had gone into wonderland and had eaten a cake that made her shrink. She was tiny. Maybe 3 inches tall.

Then she meets this hookah-smoking caterpillar who asks her, “Who are you?”

Alice basically said, “I don’t really know! I thought I knew this morning, but now all this stuff has happened and I don’t know anymore!”

The caterpillar continues to challenge her.

At one point, she gets upset and storms off. Then she gets frustrated that she’s walking away so she returns to the caterpillar.

This, by itself is an amazing insight. When Alice realizes that she doesn’t know who she is, she finds it impossible to go anywhere.

Let me say that again:

If you don’t know WHO you...

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Stop Missing Out on WHY

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

Building the Best Foundation for Success

You may have heard the story about the two men who built houses on different foundations.

One man built his house on sand. While the other man built his house on rock.

A great storm swept through the area. The house built on the sand was carried out to sea, while the house built on the rock withstood the wind, rain, and floods.

This may seem like a no-brainer.

Build your structures on a solid foundation and they’ll withstand trials and tribulations.

How many of us apply that to ourselves? To our goals, dreams, and ambitions?

And while we think we have our lives have a solid foundation (or maybe you’re going through a huge storm right now!) it’s best practices to periodically review your structure for integrity.

That’s where the power of WHY comes into play.


The Path to a Better WHY

Part of my inspection process includes constant re-evaluation and re-examination.

How can I improve faster? How can I get better...

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The Secret to Balanced Clarity

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

The Power of High Performance

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by everything you have to accomplish?

Have you ever asked yourself: how can I find the time or energy to accomplish everything?

How can I advance my career? How can I strengthen my relationships? How can I get through today much less this week?

That’s one of the focal points of high performance coaching. Think about it: the world’s top athletes and entertainers all have coaches.

They know that success requires continual adjustments. They know that we all will get off track or distracted.

No matter if you’re trying to improve your golf swing or trying to better optimize your day, coaches help you re-examine your fundamentals to achieve greater efficiency for increased results.


The FUNdamental Four Questions

There are Four FUNdamental questions. (And yes, I want to highlight the “fun” in fundamental.)


Because, once you integrate the key concepts of high performance in your life,...

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3 Ways to Reset Your Day

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2019

The Wrong Side

Have you ever woken up on the wrong on the bed?

Or woke up, but not to your alarm?

The sun came up, but you had set your alarm wrong. And it set your day off to a wrong start.

Or maybe your kids were nice enough to be that alarm by jumping on you as if you were a trampoline?

You know, those ways of waking up can really set your day off kilter as soon as you get out of bed.

That's no good!

I used to think I had to suffer through that day. I would rush through the day to get back to bed, thinking that sleep was some kind of giant reset button.

I'd lose an entire day. I'd lose all that potential productivity. All those connections. All that achievement because I thought the day was wasted.

Until I learned how to reset my day.

Here are 3 things I do to get my day back on track to Awesomeville!

1. Take a walk outside

Breathe fresh air.

Look at your surroundings as if you’ve never seen them before. Look for things you haven’t seen before. Look for...

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