How to Succeed Beyond Your Standard Norms

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

High Performance means succeeding beyond the standard norms.

The key here is defining what we mean by "standard norms."

Your standard norm can change from day to day or even by the hour. It's important to realize that your standard norm is not static!

Want to learn how to succeed beyond your standard norms?

This is a clip from a recent video where I talk about High Performance Coaching and then delve into ways to help you achieve your goals and dreams!

If you want to take the next step working with Paul and joining a community of people who are motivated to improve their lives and achieve their dreams, click here for more info!

Members have access to this and all my other full videos!

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What is High Performance?

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2019

People often ask me, what is High Performance Coaching?

All of the highest achievers in the world have coaches. From athletes to musicians to celebrities.

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever wanted outside perspective? To learn techniques to kick you into high gear?

This is a clip from a recent video where I talk about High Performance Coaching and then delve into ways to help you achieve your goals and dreams!

If you want to take the next step working with Paul and joining a community of people who are motivated to improve their lives and achieve their dreams, click here for more info!


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Look into Your Crystal Ball...

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2018

Fear can be really sneaky. Do you know how fear can manipulate your perception? This a clip from a longer video available to my Go Win Monthly members:

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Dream on the Mountain

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2018

Have you ever accomplished a dream or a project that came at a price? Sacrifice? Blood, sweat, tears?

Think about your dream. Now place it on the peak of a mountain. Ever so distant and yet you’re determined that you want to get to the top.

Maybe you really want to enjoy the view. Maybe you want to enjoy the challenge. Whatever it is, put it on the top of the mountain.

Think of the steps required to climb to the top of the mountain. There is going to sacrifice. There are going to be sore muscles, bruises, and blisters. I want you to imagine being at the top with your arms outstretched in victory, looking at the valleys below you.

You made it.

When you’ve achieved your dream, when you’ve completed your project, in that moment of victory, that’s not the time to regret those blisters. Instead, recognize that it was part of the journey to get to the top of the mountain.

Your dreams, your projects, your goals are going to involve hard work, sacrifice, and some...

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Get Closer to the Flames

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2018

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen?”

Well, if you want to get warm, get closer to the flame!

How does this tie into  going out and winning your dreams? I want you to be aware of who you are surrounding yourself with? What news are you reading? How are you showing up in the world? With whom are you engaging?

Because LIKE attracts LIKE!

Find those people who are going out and winning their dreams. Find those people who have that future focus, that positive mindset, who are incorporating personal development practices into their lives. Get closer to them!

If you enjoy that warmth of achievement and personal development, then getting closer to those people because it will accelerate you being able to win your dreams! Success breeds success.

If you are looking for a group of big dreamers and high achievers, then join us at Go Win Monthly. Turbo charge your dreams today!

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Lead Yourself First

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2018

Fasten Your Seat Belts...

Have you been on a flight and actually paid attention to the safety brief? You know, the one where the attendants say put the metal buckle into the metal clasp and tighten it and loosen it.

There is one key part of that spiel that I want to focus on. They say, “in the loss of cabin pressure, masks will drop from the ceiling.” You are supposed to do yours before helping the passenger to your left or right.

Why is that?

There are parts of society that are so focused on serving others first that in a situation like that, it would be detrimental to their health.

You see, in a loss of cabin pressure you could actually have air pulled out of your lungs and not be able to do breath. So you only have the air you can hold in your breath to get your mask on.

Definiteness of Purpose

How does this tie into personal development?

One of the lessons I learned in my 15 year military career was that. Before you can lead anyone else, you lead yourself first.


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The Four R's of Personal Development

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2018

Have you heard of the four R's of personal development?

Before we get to the four R's, we have to start with a concept: your best self. How do you define your best self?

For my friend and mentor Brendon Burchard, he does it in 3 words. Take a moment and determine the 3 words that describe your best self.

When you are aware of your best self, then you can be aware of the times that you missed. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe you fell back into a bad habit due to stress or routine. 

Now that you have the 3 words that define your best self, let's go over the 4 R's of Personal Development:

  1. Recognize when you’re not in alignment with your best self (your 3 words).
  2. Rejoice because you’re aware! Now, how you rejoice will depend on the situation. For example, if you’re in a conversation with your boss and recognize that you’re acting like an ass, this is not the time to say, “Excuse me, boss... YES! I’m showing up like an ass!” Instead, be kind...
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Cut the Thread of Perfectionism

Uncategorized May 25, 2018


I spent 15 years in United States Marine Corps. Marines are renowned for how good they look in their uniforms.

Let me give you a behind the scenes about the process to look that good in those uniforms. It involves a little pair of scissors and a whole lot of time.

You see, take all those extra threads that hang into your seams. We remove those by using either a lighter or scissors. You can use either cuticle scissors or super sharp sewing scissors.

When I first joined the Marine Corps, everything visible for my first uniform inspection was perfectly prepared. Then the sergeant came by to inspect.

He opens my breast pocket, reaches inside and pulls out what could be a rappelling rope. It was long enough and thick enough to go off of Half Dome. To my dismay, he kept pulling and it kept getting longer!

I learned in that moment, that attention to detail for the uniform inspection (at least for the USMC) meant to turn the pocket inside out and trim those...

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Make a Fist to Release Baggage

Uncategorized May 18, 2018


Make a fist. Squeeze it tighter. Tight enough to make your knuckles turn white. Squeeze it even harder.

Then let go.

Do you feel that? That when you're forcing your hand into a fist, like you're hanging onto something, and then you let go... initially as the blood is flowing through your hand, it hurts.

As I've been on my personal development journey, I took yoga classes. The instructor would say, "Let go of that which no longer serves you."

I was confused. I thought, "What? What are you talking about?"

The Journey

As I continued my personal development journey (and my yoga practice), I realized how many things I had been holding onto.

Just like squeezing your fist, you can feel the pain that it causes you.

What about those pieces of baggage you've been hanging onto for weeks, months, years, or even decades?

If you start releasing your grasp on some of that baggage, just like you experienced when the blood flowed back into your hand, it may cause pain in your life.


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Let Them Hear Your Smile

Uncategorized May 12, 2018

Recently, I trained the employees of a corporate client. In the workshop, I asked them, “who are you and how do you define your roles? Not only with yourself, also within your family, relationships, and at work?”

One of the team members said the most marvelous thing. She said, "I am the first smile people hear when they call this office."

It blew my mind that she was aware of the vital role she played on that team.

Other people may be tempted as the receptionist to say "I'm just the secretary" or "I'm only the receptionist."

But not her.

She wanted to be the first smile people heard. Think of all the people that she positively impacts throughout the course of her day. Then imagine the ripple effect that must have throughout their lives. It’s powerful!

How can you incorporate that into your life? How can you be that first smile people hear when they talk to you?

Think about the times you're going to call someone. For example, your cell phone company. Maybe you...

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