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"When I first met Paul, I was overweight, purposeless, solitary, and stuck waiting for life to come to me. After working with Paul, I created more energy, joy gratitude, confidence, humor, lightness, and LOVE in my life! I am unstuck and I love my life!"

Ginny Ballou

"During our initial discovery call together, I was very skeptical when Paul revealed that I could achieve my scariest, audacious dreams. By the end of our call, I truly believed that Paul could help me, so we kicked off our first session that very next week."

Eric Unterberger
Social Media Marketer

"Paul guides me to get to the real issue, not the issue I think I have. I have started calls with Paul feeling very stuck and he coached me through to a personal breakthrough. I completed the call energized to take action on the plan I just created."

Linda Fitzgerald
Corporate Coach and Trainer

"You'll love Paul’s super high energy and how he keeps you on your toes. He is one of the most motivated coaches I've met. He consistently pushes me to be my best. Paul’s encouragement helped me as I transitioned out of 35 years of military service."

Josh Van Tassel
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired)

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